Autosys Engineering, specializes in weighing, batching, dosing, storage, movement, processing packing, loading and unloading of bulk materials (both solids and liquids). We can handle a wide variety of materials including those that have difficult flow characteristics (such as fibres / Recron) and very low bulk densities (such as fibrous composite materials).

Autosys Control Systems, specializes in Large Scale Instrumentation, Telemetry, Control and PLC projects across domains such as Water, Waste Water, Power, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Process industries.

Kore Mechatronics specializes in MES and Manufacturing Intelligence related software, standard products and robotics.

Our combined multi-disciplinary expertise covers Mechanical systems, Electrical systems, Instrumentation, Telemetry, Weighing, Batching and Dosing systems, Electronics and PLC based controllers, PC based SCADA systems, Electrical, MCC and Control Panels, MES & Manufacturing Intelligence software and more.

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